Shower Tablets
Shower Tablets Shower Tablets Shower Tablets Shower Tablets
$ 26.00

Yuzu Soap shower tablets are all natural and scented with essential oils. Indulge in an in-shower aromatherapy experience.

Directions: To use, place one tablet on the shower floor or bathtub edge in one of the two corners closest to the water stream (but not directly in the water stream). Drizzle water onto the tablet to activate. As the tablet fizzes, the essential oils will be released into the shower.

For best use and to help prolong the scent, it is highly recommended to place the tablet in a small dish (so the water doesn’t drain immediately after activating the tablet).

Tablets work best in a closed shower environment (e.g. no open showers). They are also more effective when the water temperature is higher (generates more steam to disperse the essential oils). The tablets produce bursts of aromatherapy once activated.

Each set contains 9 tablets (1.1 oz each).

Ingredients: Baking soda, citric acid, salt, essential oils, natural clay or matcha powder, and witch hazel.

Net weight: 10 oz.